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Do you have your boiler serviced on a regular basis because of the legal requirement and also the efficiently aspect? Your central heating system is no exception to this as in that it produces byproducts which remain in the system because they are captive and so they need cleaning out which is a service which is rarely done. There is a great deal of improvement to efficiency to be obtained if you have the radiator system serviced i.e. power flushed which is a service that we can provide for you. This will save a considerable amount of money in running costs in the years to come.

Alongside the service, we can install a filter that will filter out the waste products which will otherwise stay in the system and slow its performance down.


We provide a 24 hours a day service for oil-fired breakdowns

We travel up to 50 miles radius of Northamptonshire to provide breakdown service, boiler replacements and general heating service and repair.

it's the right time of the year

We provide a service to replace central heating pumps on a general service call.

Your central heating pump may begin to crumble, this means it is not pumping as efficiently and needs changing before it fails in this coming winter. Contact us for advice and attendance on service.


This is common and a very difficult problem to resolve, but we have a solution. We can install a special pump which will keep the system automatically topped up and for the same system, you can add an inhibitor as and when required.


Oil-fired boilers can be made more efficient by installing an update to date burners. These burners have been proven, in comparison with those burners of 20 years ago to be more efficient, reliable, cost effective and no less noisy. Please contact us to enquire about a burner replacement. 

It's the right time to have your boilers serviced so that they are tip top condition going into the next heating system season which will soon be upon us once again. Order your boiler servicing and the upgrade of your central heating system i.e. changing the standard radiator valves to thermostatic valves and installing a radiator filter will result in improved efficiency and less running costs.

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